Why advertise at all?


Chances are, if you are reading this page, you know the answer.   In an ideal world, you wouldn't need it - if you are getting just the right amount of interest and enquiries, at just the right time, at the right price, and all of these come from word of mouth, then Happy Days - Please close this page!  Meanwhile, in the real world, nearly all of our clients need to:

  • Respond to peaks and troughs in demand and interest.

  • Launch a new business, offering, or service.

  • Have seasonal elements to their offering.

  • Use 'Advertorials' - ads in an article style

  • Be able to charge or maintain the right price level to ensure profitability - the higher the demand, the higher the price. 

  • Respond to their competition.

  • Ensure customer awareness of any Special Offers

  • Keep a bank of enquiries for future canvassing or to be more selective with whom they work.

  • Undertake Market research.

  • Get 'Good News Stories' out there - even small businesses need some PR activity.

  • Be seen to be aligning to, be members of, or be supportive of the local community. 

So why The Pompey Mag?

POMPEY AD (6).png

Let's be clear, the PM isn't for everyone (where have I heard that before!).  If you rely heavily or exclusively on enquiries nationally, we may not be your best bet, but do read on as we are surprisingly affordable.

Community Magazines are especially useful for the Hyper-Local Economy - where many of your target audience is living or doing business from the local area.  So, local businesses, trades people, small and medium size enterprises, local events, charities and non-profits will all get great benefits.  However, even if only part of your business is local, it is still crucial not to neglect this market, even where regional or national advertising is also undertaken.

One of our core purposes is to support local businesses and organisations - so we are on your side.  We want you to flourish and join us part of a thriving, successful and growing community.

  • Mostly Owner-Occupiers

  • A diverse age range of mostly employed or retired people.

  • Many house movers - the style of housing means that there is a higher frequency of sale and purchase, therefore home improvements are often needed.  

  • People moving into the area seeking services, such as hairdressers etc.

  • Councillors, Health workers, Lawyers and educational professionals who are influential in the community.

  • Many with a strong sense of loyalty to the local community.

Who isnt these days? its a fact of life that all advertisers want the biggest 'bang for their buck' - the most results for the least price.  You have probably been thinking about your options - leaflets, Newspapers, Post Office window, sandwich board!?  It doesn't have to be either/or, sometimes a blend works well.

  • Leaflets - can be affordable if distributed with other leaflets, but so many people just bin them without looking.  So called 'Solus delivery' just delivers one leaflet, but is much more expensive.

  • Newspapers - 'Paid for' papers have been in decline so readerships are not what they once were, and advertising value for money is therefore questionable.  

  • Post Office and other shop windows - Can be affordable but do need refreshing and checking periodically (there is nothing worse than a yellow, sun-damaged advert.)

  • Sandwich board - we weren't being serious!

Sure, plenty of people look online for stuff, but let's be realistic, to get onPage 1 of Google (other Search Engines are available) either means a big budget to pay to get there or lots of IT expertise and time to get the SEO right (and even then, there is no guarantee), and assuming that you have a website of course - more on that later.  Even if there is the budget, not everyone looks online first.  Community Magazines thrive on a long shelf life - they sit around in homes, they have content that people want to read and the ads sit alongside the content, giving readers a constant reminder.  Several people in the same household will read it, and maybe even their visitors.  

An online search is a conscious effort and action - local community magazines are delivered free to thousands of homes, and place your ad in front of readers without the need for any conscious effort.



We are here to help and advise.  Our business is to support and help your business.  Needless to say price and budget will be a factor.  You may or may not have heard of the 'Rule of 7' - simply put, people are more likely to respond when they have seen an ad 7 times or more.  So possibly 7 smaller ads are better than 2 or 3 larger ones.  Our pricing encourages series of 4, 6 and 12 months by offering discounts accordingly.  Usually, the drip, drip, drip effect is more effective than the big 'one off splash'.

If you have existing ads you have used before, then by all means send us an example, and we will give you an honest opinion whether we think we can improve on it.  If you need us to design your ad, no problem, we only charge a small design fee if you book less than a series of 4, whereas a series of 4 or more will come with free design. 


Need a logo, a strapline, advice on a USP (Unique Selling Point)? We can help - did we already say that our business is to support and help yours?  See what we did there - repetition is the key to getting your message across!  For more information on our Website creation and other Marketing Services click the link below.

Budget Conscious?

But doesn't everyone look online these days?

Alright!  I get the message, but what about size of ad, frequency and design?

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