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Don't you find it annoying when you have to search around for rates?  Well, we are not shy of showing just how good our rates are.  



  • Price is per advert per month. 10,000 copies distributed in Copnor and Baffins one month and 10,000 copies distributed to North End and Hilsea the following month.  

  • Free listing in Portsmouth A to Z directory.

  • Prices are exclusive of VAT

  • See below for our Premium position price

VAT Registration Number is 359 5515 65

  • Repetition is the key to success in any advertising campaign.  Studies show that people on average view an advert 7 times before they act. 

  • Adverts also help to build trust in the brand - the more people see an ad the more they trust the brand.

  •  That is why, to help you, our repeat ads are heavily discounted.

  •  However, there is no need to pay upfront for the whole series.  Simply book a series of ads and we will bill you monthly, before the magazine goes to print. Alternatively, benefit from our 10% discount if you pay in advance for a series of 4 or more months.  See details of our payment plans below.  

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Payment Plans

  1. All Adverts must be paid for prior to the magazine going to print.

  2. Payment in advance for block bookings attract a 10% discount.

  3. If you prefer to pay monthly for a block booking we will take a 10% deposit plus the first months advert fee.  The deposit will be used to discount your final ad.

  • The North Portsmouth area comprises of over 20,000 households and businesses not served by any other free magazines.  Residents of the area have indicated that they welcome a Community Magazine, provided that it offered entertaining and informative content.

  • The Pompey Mag fills this gap in the market, by offering a quality Magazine full of popular features such as quizzes and puzzles, regular features such as gardening, local history and recipes, alongside more topical and seasonal articles.  We actively encourage participation from our readers so that together we can create a title which is interesting and of value to the whole community.  Before deciding whether to advertise within The Pompey Mag, we encourage you to check it out for yourself.  Have a flick through, or read the latest online edition on our Home Page.  


  • We alternate our monthly delivery of the Magazine between North End and Hilsea one month and Copnor, Baffins and Anchorage Park the next.  This means every household receives a new magazine every 2 months, and ensures that people do not become tired of receiving the magazine and will be looking forward to getting their hands on the latest copy.  

  • This also has the advantage to advertisers that they can reach over 40,000 readers with just 2 adverts.