There's a first time for everything!

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog, hosted on my first ever website to promote my first ever community magazine, The Pompey Mag. A lot of firsts so please bear with me. If you have ever undertaken a completely new venture (or adventure as I like to call it) you will know how scary it can be, especially when standing at the precipice of 'the launch'. And this is were I am stood right now, overlooking the view of potential success or failure, full of hopes, dreams and a massive dose of impostor syndrome.

Will people like The Pompey Mag? Will they take it to their hearts? Why should they? Will local businesses in Portsmouth see it as a valuable vehicle to promote and advertise their services? Yes, yes, yes scream friends, family and even the market research results, but will they? Only time will tell. EEEEEK.

So how have I come to stand on this cliff edge, ready to launch The Pompey Mag? Well that would be my Mum's fault. Hubby and I were living in South Wales and would receive a local community magazine each month, which we looked forward to getting. We loved doing the quiz, catching up on the happenings, reading the letters page (especially those from Angry of Ystradgynlais), and even looking at the ads. Whilst staying with us, my mum, thumbing through a copy, looked up and said 'I wish we had something like this in Pompey'. I thought, well let's start one, how hard can it be? Well after learning desktop publishing, graphic design, copyright law, negotiating with printers and finally grappling with webdesign, here I am, ready to step out into the unknown. What this process has taught me is that you can do anything if you try, even if you don't believe you can. So if you are contemplating a new adventure of your own, do it, I can guarantee it ensures life is never dull.

After the turmoil, fear and sadness of the last few months, coupled with a new normal and an uncertain future, you have to wonder if this is the right time to start a new venture. But time and again, throughout this health crisis, communities have proven their amazing ability to step in, step up, dig deep and fill the void that governments, local authorities and even health boards can't reach. The Pompey Mag aims to help support, promote and celebrate the community spirit of the Portsmouth People, a spirit we have all demonstrated in spades over this last spring. Let's support Portsmouth like we support Pompey, let's stay local, let's shop local and show our appreciation of local businesses in Portsmouth. Then whatever life throws at us in the coming months, Portsmouth and it's beautiful people will march, heads held high into that brave new world.

Oh and Pompey will win promotion.

Play Up Pompey!

Take care, stay safe and we will speak soon. x

PS, that is not me in those photos, I am not that brave!!!

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