4 Messages Your Customers Need to Hear Right Now!

As the country opens up after lockdown how do you let your customers know that you are there for them once again, or indeed that you have always been there for them throughout this crisis?  

Below are the 4 most important messages you need to get across to your customers right now.  

1.  Let them know that you are open and trading.  It sounds obvious right? But during the enforced hibernation you may find that your name and business have slipped out of the minds of many of your customers.  So remind them, let them know that you are there still for when they need you.  

2. Let your customers know what safety measures you have put in place to protect them.  Some people are more cautious than others, but all will be reassured to know that they can use your services safely and that your business takes their welfare seriously.  

3.  Tell them what new rules or measures you will need them to comply with in order to keep you and/or your staff safe.  If people are clear about what they need to do, they will be more likely to come to you.  So whether you have a new appointment system, a new delivery/pickup service or a new waiting room policy, let them know.

4.  Ask for your customers help in supporting your business.  Perhaps the one good thing to have come out of this virus outbreak is the realisation how important community is to everyone.  How much we all interdepend on those who live around us.  People are more ready and willing to support local businesses than ever, but unless you reach out to them, they might never consider you.  

Pompey Mag is here to help you get your message across, with a special launch discount of 25% off all ad purchases the first time you place an advert with us, even for a full 12 month series - we want to do our bit to support and promote local smaller businesses.  We can also help with designing your ad and honing your message, or maybe your business would make for a great “advertorial” feauture.   Contact us for more information or visit our website.

From all of us here at Pompey Mag, we wish you a happy and prosperous second half of 2020.  We might be 2 down at half time, but the comeback is well and truly on!  

Debbie Payne

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