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Frequently asked questions Here you will find a few of our most commonly asked questions 

For Advertisers  

Q Is it cheaper to book a series of advertisements? 
A Yes, the longer the series, the bigger the discount! You also benefit from the marketing advantages of repetition. 
Q Can I change the advert part way through a series? 
A Yes you can, but please try not to leave it to the deadline day to let us know! 
Q How often does Pompey Mag come out? 
A We go to print monthly, with 10,000 copies going to local homes and businesses in one distribution area in one month (North End/Hilsea), and then a further 10,000 going to our other distribution area (Copnor/Baffins/Anchorage Park), giving total coverage 0f 20,000 different homes and businesses over a 2 month period. 
Q Can you help me to design my advert? 
A Absolutely – we design ads every month, so we know how to make best use of the space available, whether you have booked a simple 1/8 Page or a Double Page spread! 
Q Can I pay by credit card for my advert? 
A Yes you can, and we also accept bank transfer (BACS). We will send you details of how to pay with your invoice. 
Q Can I advertise if my business is outside of your distribution area? 
A Of course! In fact, businesses who sit just outside of our distribution area (for example, Cosham and Southsea) and want to promote to our readership are a great fit with the magazine 
Q How is Pompey Mag delivered to its readers? 
A We have a small experienced and trustworthy team of distributors, who deliver direct to the letterbox 

For our readers  

Q Can I send you an article, short story, poem or an interesting fact? 
A Please do, we cannot guarantee to publish it, but we will always try, and when we do we will let you know before we go to print. It is possible that it might appear in a few months’ time, so please don’t despair if we cannot publish it straight away. We must reserve the right to edit your copy where necessary for space reasons. 
Q Can I become a delivery person? 
A Quite possibly! If you like the idea of being paid to keep fit, and maybe listen to your music whilst working, then this could be ideal for you. It may not suit those with serious mobility or visual impairment quite so well, as you will encounter steps and different levels leading to letterboxes. Get in touch to discuss this further. 
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